Multi-layer Rattan Cat Tree

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  • Your furry friends will love this multi-layer rattan cat tree! This stylish tree comes complete with a multi-level design for kitties to lounge around in or perch atop. Let them enjoy a higher view of the world and plenty of fresh air while they show off their fancy new tree!
  • This elegant Multi-layer Rattan Cat Tree is perfect for cats who need adventure and exploration. Its durable construction and non-slip mat make it safe and comfortable for your feline friend, providing them with a comfortable place to jump, scratch, and explore. Your cat will love the texture and beauty of the rattan, making your home look stylish and fun.
  • The Multi-layer Rattan Cat Tree is an ideal home for cats of any size or age. It features multi-level platforms designed to give cats plenty of room for playing, sleeping, and exploring. Constructed of sturdy and durable rattan, this cat tree is designed to last for years. It's also easy to assemble, which makes it a great choice for any pet owner!