Double Layer Cat Litter Pad

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  • The Double Layer Cat Litter Pad provides superior performance and durability compared to single layer pads. The dual-layer construction is designed to resist punctures and odor absorption, giving you a long-lasting, easy-to-clean solution for your feline friend.
  • This Double Layer Cat Litter Pad is designed to keep your pet's paws clean and dry while they do their business. It features a double-layer construction of waterproof PU leather and non-slip EVA backing to absorb and contain messes and prevent spills. Keep your kitty clean and your house mess-free!
  • The Double Layer Cat Litter Pad is an effective way to keep your cat's litter box clean and easy to manage. This pad offers two layers of protection, with a super absorbent top layer and a waterproof bottom layer that prevents leaks and messes. It quickly absorbs urine, saving you the time and hassle of regular litter box clean ups. The pad is also eco-friendly, using plant-based materials for a sustainable solution.