Cat Turntable Cat Toy

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  • Want to give your kitty an entertaining spin? Our Cat Turntable Cat Toy comes with a humorous dongdongle to keep your cat purring and playing for hours! Not only will your cat have a blast, but you'll love the hilarious antics that come with it! Meow-velous!
  • An interactive, orbiting cat toy, the Cat Turntable is a great way to keep your feline entertained. The pet-safe ball and track offer hours of fun as your cat chases and bats the ball along the track. Enjoy watching as your pet's natural instincts keep them focused and engaged.
  • Experience interactive fun with your favorite feline with this Cat Turntable Cat Toy! This toy is designed to appeal to your cat's natural hunting instincts with a motorized rotating wand that spins around and invites your kitty to try their paw at the catch of the day. The rotating action stimulates cats for hours of feline fun.