Wooden Cat Scratching Board Tree

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  • Treat your feline friend to a purr-fect playhouse with this Wooden Cat Scratching Board Tree! Crafted from wood to stand up to scratches and crazy cat jumps, it's sure to become your kitty's favorite spot to climb, sleep, and groom those paws. Let the catnip-laced fun begin!
  • This Wooden Cat Scratching Board Tree is an excellent choice for owners wanting to provide their furry friends with a comfortable and fun scratching post. With an all-wood construction, this board is sturdy, while the grooved design ensures hours of fun. It also provides a safe and secure post for cats to scratch or rub against.
  • The Wooden Cat Scratching Board Tree offers cats hours of entertainment and exercise. The stable, up to 3-tier tree is made of heavy-duty wood, designed to keep your cats entertained and their claws healthy. Suitable for cats of all sizes, the scratching board tree is the perfect addition to your pet's home.