Cat Plush Climbing Frame

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  • Is your kitty's climbing reaching new heights? This Cat Plush Climbing Frame has everything they need to go up and beyond! With its cozy cushion and 4 scratch-friendly posts, they'll have a blast climbing and lounging around. Meow-velous!
  • The Cat Plush Climbing Frame is designed for cats who love to explore. It features multiple levels for cats to jump, climb, and play. With plenty of room for cats to explore, the frame provides hours of safe, stimulating fun.
  • The Cat Plush Climbing Frame is the perfect way to keep your cats entertained for hours. It features two plush scratching posts for cats to scratch, climb, and play on, as well as two openings for cats to pop in and out of. Durable and easy to assemble, this cat frame keeps your cats engaged and provides endless fun.